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Posted by Cindy: 4.17.10
My husband was very sick and in critical care in the hospital. During this time I did not leave the waiting area. Throughout the days I began praying with many families and many people(which helped my faith stay strong) and Their was one mother of a 32 year old that stuck to me. This was her only child and he was very sick. We prayed many times and within 48 hrs God had taken him home. In the midst of all of this in her life, the day before his burial she called up to the ccu waiting area, asked for me and was telling me of how she had not forgotten about me and was still praying for my husband and our family. To me this occurence as well as many others throughout my husbands illness brought me closer to my God. It was this particular occurence that stuck with me and helped to keep my faith strong when my husband departed this life to be with God several months later. God is good and when noone else is there he is I will always praise his name.

Posted by Cliff: 2.4.10
I just got off the phone with an At&T customer service rep because my wife dropped her cell phone in the bathtub while trying to help our son out of the tub. After speaking with the rep, I told her we were just about to eat dinner and say the blessing and asked her if there was anything I could pray and ask God to Bless her with. To my surprise she was so thankful and told me that this was so nice of me to even ask. She told me her Grandma was sick. She said no one has ever done anything like that on the phone and thanked me. So my wife and I prayed for her family and grandma. You know it doesn't have to just be in person to touch someone’s life. She was located at a call center in Canada; so far from little ole Pensacola. This is just the start of Blessing people we don't even know.

Posted by Gene Higginbotham: 2.4.10
My wife and I visited a local restaurant and asked our server "we are going to be praying over our food and asking God to bless the food and us, is there something we can ask God to bless you with?" He replied, yes, I am having to work 3 jobs to provide for my family and I would like to have one job that met all my needs. We told him we would pray for that Blessing. We then took it to our small group and got them to join in and praying for this need. Several weeks later, we were going out with some friends from our small group to that same restaurant and we told the other couple "if you get there before us be sure to ask for the person we have been praying for." They did and told the man that we had been praying for his job situation and asked "How is it going?" He replied, well I now have 4 jobs instead of 2 but please keep praying. He seemed very impressed that we not told him we would pray but that we were praying for the man. We are following up by asking for that same server each time we visit that establishment -- we are expecting to hear good results for him.