Your Nextsteps!

Our goal at Liberty Church is to be a place where people from all walks of life can come, find family and be equipped to do God's work and Be His Church. We see ourselves as a distribution center of sorts; raising up disciples of Jesus to reach our neighbors, community, city and the Nations. We are a family who, organic in nature, become stronger to God and each other through relationship.  Our vision for you and your family is to see you living the life God intended. We want you and your family to connect and we’ve made it as simple as possible. If you are ready to take the next step by committing to follow Jesus and grow at Liberty, we encourage you to take these NEXT STEPS!

CONNECT PARTY---- Next party Aug. 26 - 6:00pm in the atrium

It's just that. A fun party for you to connect with Pastor Josh and Kristin (Our Campus Pastors), Liberty leaders, and one another. Music, food, fellowship and prizes! 

MEMBERSHIP CLASS - Next class Sept. 12 - 6:30pm in the Living Room

If you have questions about Liberty, want to learn more about who we are at Liberty and our History and/or perhaps you are ready to make a commitment to become a member at Liberty, this is the night for you. Taught by Pastor Josh and Kristin this class will help you discover Liberty's rich history and vision for our community.

ESSENTIALS CLASS - Next class Sept. 19 - 6:30pm in the Living Room

Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of Christianity is so important to our walk with God and each other. This class is a great way to start to ensure you are on the right track.

DISCOVERY WORKSHOP - Next workshop Sept. 26 - 6:30pm in the Living Room

Each of us are uniquely wired and gifted. Discover how God wired you and your unique personality so that you can get connected into the place where God desires you to be.

SERVE CONNECTION - Next Connection Oct. 3 - 6:30pm in the Living Room

This gathering is a great place for you to find opportunities to serve within Liberty and areas we focus on in our community.