Welcome from Pastor Josh & Kristin

Liberty Church is unlike any other local church you have ever known or heard of. Liberty Church is Bible-based and Spirit-filled. We are refreshingly honest and bold about our faith as well as our humanity. We are a people that are passionate about our love for God and His people.

As you take the next few minutes to look through our web site, you will get a better idea of who we are. You will also find out about all the ways for you to get connected at Liberty. Our aim is to encourage growth in your personal relationship with Jesus and growth as a vital part of God's family.

Many of you may come from churches and traditions that focus on a man, a denomination, a building, a teaching, money or rules and not Jesus Christ. Some of you may be new believers who have never set foot in a church. Some of you may just be searching for peace of mind in these tumultuous times in which we live.

Whatever the reasons are that brought you to our web site, our prayer is that for you, Liberty Church will truly be "an oasis of hope and love in a world of darkness and hurt."